About us

The Whites Dental Practice is a well established Cardiff Dentist and Orthodontist based in Radyr. In addition to private dentistry, we offer a comprehensive range of other dental services including, tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and on site ceramic restorations (cerec.)

In common with all Dentists we adhere to a strict professional code of conduct. Our promise to you and your family is that we shall always endeavour to do our best for you. We promise all patients the following:

We shall do our very best in our diagnosis and treatment of you.
We will keep you fully informed of our findings and their implications for your health and well-being.
We will listen to you and address your concerns.
We will tell you, in advance, the cost of any major treatment.
We will do our best to keep on time because no one likes to be kept waiting.
We ask that you let us know your concerns about your dental health and appearance. That way we can be sure to address them.
You must complain if there is something that upsets you, so that we can apologise and make amends.
We simply ask that you do your best to keep your appointments and follow our advice and treatment.