Oralift facial rejuvenation

oraliftOralift Facial Rejuvenation is a natural, non-invasive way to address the signs of facial ageing. Forget expensive creams, painful chemical injections and surgery: patients have reported results including reduced jowls, lines, eye bags and pores, a plumped, even complexion, more prominent cheekbones and fuller lips – while maintaining natural facial movement without bruising or pain.

The Oralift anti-ageing device is designed to fit over your lower back teeth and looks similar to a small mouth guard. Oralift has gained international recognition from cosmetic surgeons as being one of the most impressive anti-ageing products.

Oralift works by reversing the ‘ageing triangle’ of the lower face. In youth, the base of the triangle is in the area of the cheeks and the point is towards the chin. As jowls develop, the base of the triangle drops to the jaw line and the point is towards the nose. When a patient wears the Oralift appliance, it separates the teeth by an amount much greater than their usual resting position, increasing protein activity and building and maintaining muscle tone. Up until now only facial surgery could reverse this, now the Oralift can achieve similar results, but naturally.


First appointment: A detailed assessment. This will include taking photographs from different angles to study the shape of your face, condition of the skin, mouth, teeth and jaw joint. The Oralift appliance is fitted at this first visit. We will advise you about the option of further appliances and monitoring visits.

Results are often visible within days of the Oralift being fitted. Every person is an individual and their regime will be tailored to the way they respond to the treatment.

Benefits reported by patients:

  • Reduced lines around the mouth, eyes and around the face in general
  • Reduced bags under the eyes
  • Increased fullness of the lips
  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Tightened and strengthened facial muscles
  • Increased blood flow to the skin making it more radiant, healthy and smoother
  • Strengthening and firming of the jaw line and neck
  • Improved hair quality
  • Closes and repairs pores

Oralift is a registered trademark of Added Dimension Dentistry