Oso Orthopaedic Mouth Guard

The OSO device is an orthopaedic appliance worn on the upper or lower teeth and is created utilizing nerve stimulation which relaxes the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders and back down throughout the body. When worn, the OSO puts you in, and maintains your optimal genetic position which carries over directly to quality of life and elite sports performance.

how can something worn in the mouth can have such a dramatic effect?

Our body’s nervous system is geared to bring our teeth together everytime we eat and everytime we swallow, and it is the muscular complex of the head and neck which allows this to happen.

This delicate muscular balance can be thrown into turmoil by a host of developmental factors.

It is estimated 80-90% of the population have some degree of this resulting jaw mis-alignment.

The nervous system’s answer to this resultant loss of muscular harmony is to do everything possible to ensure the teeth can come together to eat – this basic instinct ensures survival of the species.

Unfortunately the side-effects of “dragging” the jaws into this mis-aligned bite everytime we eat and swallow include:

Increased residual muscular tension Balance issues
Postural/skeletal problems Muscular metabolic fatigue
Compromised airway function Left/Right side muscular imbalances
Nerve compression Muscular pain/spasm
Increased injury incidence Poor core stability

These problems begin in the head, neck, jaw complex but quickly have a domino effect down throughout the body.

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